The development of renewable energy sources is a priority for the UK and Irish governments. It is desirable to decarbonise our economies, to provide secure electricity supplies and to provide affordable energy. In the UK electricity demand will go up and is estimated to double as we decarbonise the economy. Our targets are to provide 30% of our electricity needs from renewables by 2020 (7% currently) and it is estimated that £110 billion worth of investment is required in generation and networks over the next 10 years. JBA can provide the support that the private sector and government sectors need to deliver this scale of investment. Our skills in spatial environmental planning, hydrology, engineering, geomorphology, fisheries and environmental regulation are already being adapted and combined to provide support for local authorities involved in renewable energy development and for potential hydropower developers.

Supporting Local Authority Core Strategies

JBA, working jointly with SQW has now completed renewable and low carbon energy capacity studies for all the West Midlands local authorities and all the Lancashire authorities. We have now completed over 42 local authority studies which will form part of the evidence base in each core strategy. These studies establish what capacity exists within each authority boundary to deliver renewable energy from numerous sources. It is based upon a standardised DECC based methodology. The studies take account of such matters as the wind resources, water courses, settlements and road network, woodland cover and agricultural land uses. The work results in a capacity figure for each authority. Following completion of the capacity studies we have been commissioned by a number of authorities to build on the study findings. This work considers deployment constraints, technology specific assessments, location specific deployment assessments and planning policy guidance. Our site and technology assessment skills make us an obvious choice for providing support to local authority planning teams, private sector investors, landowners and their consultant advisers.  We are looking forward to developing our existing relationships with our strategic consultant partners and to creating new ones. We value our clients existing and new and look forward to working with you.  So whether you are a returning client who knows us well or one who would like to find out more about this area of JBA’s work, please email Steve Maslen or call him on 01274 714269. JBA – exceeding expectations